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Breaking the cycle

Breaking the cycle

It’s that time again! I realize that some folks may read this way into the future so let’s just say this week was interesting and filled with such contrast.

I managed to finally get into the rhythm of being out of home more and getting to know my new environment and participating in activities.   The people I encountered were just as passionate as I am about facilitating various modalities to assist with physco-mental, physical and emotional health. Allowing for the shifting and changing  as we evolve and learn more. So you would think I would end the week with a smile considering like I feel I have really come home. I have.  However, I want to look at the contrast first from my soap box.

Violence and cruelty was in the forefront as a subject for me this week on many platforms

  • gender based violence
  • adults
  • children
  • in-humane treatment of humans and animals
  • Poverty
  • Poor living conditions
  • Lack of education
  • Human greed

Closer to home than we want to admit at times sadly.  Turning a blind eye isn’t an  option – it should never have been in the first place.

Humanity’s disregard for the planet and those who live on it  really saddens me  and I am aware that  I too,  have contributed towards the problem without a doubt.

When you have been around for a couple of decades like I have, you learn that  there is always a way that things can change for the better.  Its the learnings from the past behaviour that prove to be the hurdle.  We have discussed this before,  change is inevitable.  It may require more people to stand together and step up.  To stop the cycle.   It is enough!.   What if we work together to make the change in a loving, harmonious and fair manner,  surely we have more chance of success?    Hope appeared when I met the people I did this week, folk like you and me who are prepared to listen and assist with more than donations only, which has a valuable place in the space of healing, however  we also need sustainable solutions that we,  as the community, can contribute towards and benefit from equally which includes the  animals and birds and marine life who all contribute to our eco system.

We are undoubtedly capable of so much more as individuals.   We are capable of healing from our wounds internally and together as well as spreading the healing around us.  The dice rolls and we have a choice to comply powerlessly, turn a blind eye or to rise up for ourselves in our own sovereignty for a sustainable future for all. Choosing to either remain the victim or to rise out of the ashes like the phoenix perhaps,  making and living the change for ourselves ecologically!

I made my choice a while back.   A road to healing. I continue to pledge this to myself every day.  I  learn more each day about having empathy and compassion for myself and those around me and therefore I believe that,  NOW,  more than ever before,  we need to unite to heal together and allow for the change that will sustain us and our planet.

What I have learned is that it really is in your own hands as difficult as it may seem now,  there is always a way, as long as you stay strong in the  belief that there is a way. Without that firm belief that no matter how things look today,  they have the potential to change for the better, reach out as ask.  In my experience there is always someone out there with good intentions who is waiting to assist, maybe not the first or the second one  but they come  – all we  have to do is ask.

My message for today is we cannot do this alone.

The healing begins with us wanting to make a change and believing in the divine timing of when it shows up, when we have asked.  This seems to be the recipe.  Taking that first step.

Let’s break this cycle by sending love into the world from our own heart’s to the people around us as a point of departure.

Let’s combine our energy to make a positive sustainable change around us in our own communities.  This planet is our home we share its beauty and contribute to its pain, we can find ways to sustain it and ourselves for the generations to come if not only for ourselves.

The challenge for  us all is making that small change in our own life today as the starting point.

Off the box now!

Sending  loving  energy this week into Valentine’s Day and full moon or another day, depending on when you read this….ending with love in my heart.

Healing together.





Time for Change

Time for Change

Change it ?

Hello it’s Friday again! I am, as always, so grateful for this opportunity to share the ramblings of the week with you. I trust you are finding some value,

Oh My has this been a week of change for me and those around me!

The common thread in my conversations with others has been about us, coming to the realisation that a change must be made somewhere in each of our lives at some point, moreover, understanding and accepting that the responsibility lies within each of us.  That we have the power to make the change, rather than wait for it to “happen to us”.

The Chinese New Year moving into the year of the Water Tiger, depending on your frame of reference fits into this change perhaps.  The watchful tiger waiting to seize the opportunity when ready and resting in between

We all know that nothing ever stays the same, change it inevitable and that there are seasons in our lives which bring about change.

I am talking about the areas where we feel the need to change something in our lives that is within our control, which we suspect on a deeper level would probably be best, yet we remain where we are, as I have said in previous articles and blogs, in that seriously uncomfortable space of being unable to get ourselves to take action to make the change.

Let this land in a way that makes sense to you we are all unique and yet we struggle in similar areas and manners.

Here’s my version of change this week.

I have been grappling and struggling with a decision for about 2 years now perhaps even longer if I were to be 100% honest.    I am not a procrastinator by nature, perhaps that is another delusion I live under?? (For another day)

This deliberation went to and fro for many a month.   I discussed it repeatedly with others and internally with the little voice in my head, we all have one.  I highlighted the pros the cons on paper.  I highlighted the I don’t know what to do, which resulted time and time again in me continuing in the same direction of turmoil,  a non-productive vicious spiral downwards.   You may be able to identify with this feeling.  It drains you, it affects all your relationships, your results, your health on all levels and possibly more.

Here’s the con I fed myself “I was in control”.  Was I?  Honestly it was my FEAR that controlled me.  What would happen if I closed the door where would that leave me or say about my character, a dropout, homeless, destitute, jobless, clientless without connection, alone, a failure, less than…….?

This is often the crux of my coaching conversations with clients.  Irony right…I know.  I am human after all and therefore I  acknowledge that I understand that at times it feels more overwhelming than it should… it feels very real

Here are some tips I have learned along the way are …

  • If it keeps you awake at night – deal with it
  • Pushing the decision under the carpet will make you trip over it time and time again
  • Find a professional / mentor to you to bounce it off
  • Chat to someone you know who has done this before
  • Acknowledge the FEAR – name it – the Dragon is easier to tame when you are first name basis with it
  • Look at what you are losing/gaining by staying
  • Look at what you are losing/gaining by leaving
  • How long can you maintain this?
  • The next step does not happen until you close this door
  • The draft between two doors being open does not serve you or those around you
  • A dog cannot serve two masters
  • Ultimately it is about YOU, up to YOU and solely in YOUR hands to make the choice on how you view a situation when a door is slammed in your face
  • Close it yourself before it slams is an option, it’s easier to own a decision of yours than to live a life resenting the decision of another
  • Finally, we see the wisdom in the timing of the door closing when it did – there is the gold

That’s it for now folks

By the way, Yes I closed the door and the very next day another opened.

With much love and gratitude


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Reconciliation or Resilience?

Reconciliation or Resilience?

Hi there  😊  wow this has been a week of events that have led me to feel like I am in the eye of the storm.  Not the warrior woman that I will fight my way through this.  More like the wizard in the eye of a storm patiently waiting it out to glean the wisdom and move on.  Reconciling.

A word we are very familiar with politically, yet at the grass roots we think that happens outside of ourselves.

Today I would like to challenge that .  I have realized through my own struggles to reconcile with those around me that is begins with me, myself and I.   I have observed deep within myself that resilience is a main ingredient for reconciliation in my life.  Oddly I would have thought my focus would land on forgiveness, or the need to change things and yes they are part of it for me resilience was the key factor.

I am sure you will agree that there is so much pain, anguish, frustration, and apathy around, yet some are able to live in the realm of possibility and opportunity and seize them both?

How do they do that?  What I am talking about is way deeper right at the core of it – emotions and choices..

Here’s a real lived sense in my view I believe sums it up

  • Some of us feel the need to go back to what was
  • Some of us understand there isn’t and will never be what was, so now what?
  • Some live in the past
  • Some live in the future
  • Some believe this is the end
  • Some believe there is only one way
  • Some believe this is the new beginning
  • Some don’t give a fig and live
  • Make up your own version!!!!!!!!!

That perhaps translates into us holding on to the parts of us that keep up hostage in the thinking brain and thereby allowing conflict to form the basis of our future long-term, the familiar?   Is your future blooming in front you?

In delving deeper I began to understand that I have the task of introspection in the process of reconciliation as there are aspects within myself that I’m not comfortable with, that keep me awake at night.!

Ask yourself the question.

  • Am I both the Captor and the Captive?
  • What am I manifesting for myself in my world!!
  • Am I able to reconcile my thoughts and be resilient enough to get up, dust myself off and lead from my heart?
  • Do I have the resilience? The resilience to weather the storm calmly like the Wizard?
  • What is next, how much more do I need to take, accept, and on and on the list goes?
  • Should I or shouldn’t I let this go? !!

There are so many of my own actions that I’m not so proud of.  Those memories that pop up in the middle of the night in those dark hours when the replay button strikes.

  • Is it only me who feels this way?
  • what if I had done something differently what would be the result ?
  • what if I could get a do over?
  • what if I could voice it to AB or C,  I’m so sorry,  that was the last thing I actually intended was to cause you pain!

Would you agree with me with that there is another way? Yes …enter resilience

Opportunities appear as gifts constantly,  daily,  allow yourself a moment in the eye of the storm to observe them, be the resilient one, start by reconciling your own inner conflict primarily and the rest organically follows and  manifests for you as the habit grows.  Smile at yourself in the mirror as a daily practise and share your beautiful smile with others.

In the eye of the storm let go and be it works for me ………

Much Love and gratitude until next time





It is the end of the week again!  Time to share.  Initially I was focused on a loud message I received this week about awakening.

Instead, it seems as though my world is tilting a little today, Is it really just me?  People arriving at the incorrect time for meetings, me changing things constantly, being short tempered, having weird and wonderful challenges with that deep inner awareness of knowing that when these occurrences are evident for me there is some transformation in progress, It’s a little akin to rubbing sandpaper over your skin, very uncomfortable.  As I have moved along my journey, I have learned that I can help others through this period in their lives  as they too struggle through their cathartic moments.

Transformation sounds so glam and smooth however it’s a little different in practice, only because we resist.

It’s about leaving the comfort zone, the familiar, albeit uncomfortable. In my experience most of us are fearful of change, It is the unknown right, It’s a scary place for some, other than the adrenaline junkies of course.  There have been many times when I have held my breath and tried to grab the old back and re-submerge it into the new.  All that resulted in was more disaster.

What is it about change that are we afraid of?  This is my take on it.  I can control what I know and manage it, treading the water until it is second nature then I don’t even notice it.  So when change is looming…. whoa slam on anchors.  I resist, fight or head for the hills.

So, the awakening is about learning to surrender into knowing that I am not doing this alone, I never have.  I have struggled on my own instead of owning and accepting my choices.  I have learned that by reaching out to one another when we need support is the magical moment.   We are a global community.   There is a loving supportive team out there, seen and unseen just ask for help.  Your spiritual connections will support you first and foremost and bring you the resources you require to get through this. The mind plays those what if scenario tricks on us.

Source/God/Universe from which we are birthed, the Ascended Masters that who came before us, the Archangels, our Ancestors and the benevolent souls who are willing to assist us are all around.  It is only us who are here experiencing this physical human body and its challenges and resistances to learn more about ourselves.    Be clear about your intention and ask.  It is truly that simple.  Letting go of the controls.  Accepting the reality for what it is now, allows the transformation to occur as we observe it calmly.

Like the chrysalis process, providing protection and space for the transformation into a beautiful free butterfly, we too have support.  Let’s learn to trust like the pupa who transforms in the butterfly flapping her wings to freedom without a doubt.

We hold the key to our own freedom.

With Much Love and gratitude until next time


Am I creating this?

Am I creating this?

Hello again its Friday which seems to be my day for reflection and sharing  😊

Today specifically I have both been inspired and saddened by what I have blocked in my life as a result of what I believed I was born into,  not only as a woman but also as a woman living in fear of creating greatness.

This is my reality as I can only speak from a female’s perspective.  I am aware that men too are affected by the blockages they have adopted, I have observed those wounds with much empathy looking back and currently in my life.

These blocks we accumulate over time play directly into the results we have in our lives.

These are typically areas where we have experienced some sort of pain, trauma, fear, anger, hatred, abandonment –  either personally or vicariously through the actions of others.

We create our worlds from the inside out and yet so many of us are focused on,  and buy into , the belief systems of others of what our destiny is fated as according to them.  Which specific mould  do  we need to fit into to be accepted by others!  Watch a child when the joy is replaced by fear and you will understand.   I was taught many things as a young girl of how women should be an behave and what a man’s role is. Most of which I now understand to have been limitations passed down from my ancestors and teachers.

I have lived a life that was and possibly still is impacted as a result.  I believed that I would be an abusive parent, not worthy of being loved or loving another.  Sadly due to my inability to see past that or even a possibility of how I could escape the cycle,  I made many choices that I came to regret over time.  I deprived myself of the rite to motherhood of loving and being loved unconditionally  I chose to buy into the belief that I was never good enough, smart enough, educated enough,, lovable enough, deserving enough…..and on and on…….

I was creating my world from the outside in and living in the fear and doubt that became my inner dialogue.   Time and time again when I had an opportunity to do what I knew my sober,  connected heart desired.  I internalized it and scared myself out of it, reinforcing the doubts until they were so much part of my DNA I was not even aware of it.  Finally after therapy and a couple of hard knocks I found a Coach to help me see the self sabotage pattern all the way through and there started my journey of healing. I am forever grateful.

I have walked a journey as I have no doubt we all have our story, is it not time for us to change the narrative?.  These are the ways that have worked for me so far 😊

It is time now as we move into this new way of being!

  • Do you want to create a different way of living for yourself that will feed into your joy as well as others?
  • Then find the support YOU specifically need to begin to release the doubts or limiting beliefs you hold about yourself. Ask for help!
  • With empathy, become aware of and release the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks that prevent you from feeling the joy from within and moving out of doubt
  • Open up your understanding that we all create our own reality, our own rose tinted glasses or clear vision. That means YOU create yours too.
  • You are a beautiful, worthy, capable manifestation of a soul in physical form on this planet right now as a result of your choices. That may seem like a huge reach to own that reality – that is what this manifestation is about.  Reach beyond your dreams.
  • Pause to reflect for a moment, who is in control of your choices? You or those around you?
  • Imagine what YOU have the opportunity to create in your life when you release the doubts and believe in yourself as a uniquely designed physical being in this current experience we share. This has to potential to impact on others positively too.
  • We all contribute our own special ingredient into the energy mix collectively
  • Make a written note of your dreams and ideas to get those creative juices flowing literally
  • It starts with one thought, one action! It will have ripple effect on those around you.


Enjoy embrace the dream into reality.

Much love and gratitude