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It’s that time again! I realize that some folks may read this way into the future so let’s just say this week was interesting and filled with such contrast.

I managed to finally get into the rhythm of being out of home more and getting to know my new environment and participating in activities.   The people I encountered were just as passionate as I am about facilitating various modalities to assist with physco-mental, physical and emotional health. Allowing for the shifting and changing  as we evolve and learn more. So you would think I would end the week with a smile considering like I feel I have really come home. I have.  However, I want to look at the contrast first from my soap box.

Violence and cruelty was in the forefront as a subject for me this week on many platforms

  • gender based violence
  • adults
  • children
  • in-humane treatment of humans and animals
  • Poverty
  • Poor living conditions
  • Lack of education
  • Human greed

Closer to home than we want to admit at times sadly.  Turning a blind eye isn’t an  option – it should never have been in the first place.

Humanity’s disregard for the planet and those who live on it  really saddens me  and I am aware that  I too,  have contributed towards the problem without a doubt.

When you have been around for a couple of decades like I have, you learn that  there is always a way that things can change for the better.  Its the learnings from the past behaviour that prove to be the hurdle.  We have discussed this before,  change is inevitable.  It may require more people to stand together and step up.  To stop the cycle.   It is enough!.   What if we work together to make the change in a loving, harmonious and fair manner,  surely we have more chance of success?    Hope appeared when I met the people I did this week, folk like you and me who are prepared to listen and assist with more than donations only, which has a valuable place in the space of healing, however  we also need sustainable solutions that we,  as the community, can contribute towards and benefit from equally which includes the  animals and birds and marine life who all contribute to our eco system.

We are undoubtedly capable of so much more as individuals.   We are capable of healing from our wounds internally and together as well as spreading the healing around us.  The dice rolls and we have a choice to comply powerlessly, turn a blind eye or to rise up for ourselves in our own sovereignty for a sustainable future for all. Choosing to either remain the victim or to rise out of the ashes like the phoenix perhaps,  making and living the change for ourselves ecologically!

I made my choice a while back.   A road to healing. I continue to pledge this to myself every day.  I  learn more each day about having empathy and compassion for myself and those around me and therefore I believe that,  NOW,  more than ever before,  we need to unite to heal together and allow for the change that will sustain us and our planet.

What I have learned is that it really is in your own hands as difficult as it may seem now,  there is always a way, as long as you stay strong in the  belief that there is a way. Without that firm belief that no matter how things look today,  they have the potential to change for the better, reach out as ask.  In my experience there is always someone out there with good intentions who is waiting to assist, maybe not the first or the second one  but they come  – all we  have to do is ask.

My message for today is we cannot do this alone.

The healing begins with us wanting to make a change and believing in the divine timing of when it shows up, when we have asked.  This seems to be the recipe.  Taking that first step.

Let’s break this cycle by sending love into the world from our own heart’s to the people around us as a point of departure.

Let’s combine our energy to make a positive sustainable change around us in our own communities.  This planet is our home we share its beauty and contribute to its pain, we can find ways to sustain it and ourselves for the generations to come if not only for ourselves.

The challenge for  us all is making that small change in our own life today as the starting point.

Off the box now!

Sending  loving  energy this week into Valentine’s Day and full moon or another day, depending on when you read this….ending with love in my heart.

Healing together.