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It is the end of the week again!  Time to share.  Initially I was focused on a loud message I received this week about awakening.

Instead, it seems as though my world is tilting a little today, Is it really just me?  People arriving at the incorrect time for meetings, me changing things constantly, being short tempered, having weird and wonderful challenges with that deep inner awareness of knowing that when these occurrences are evident for me there is some transformation in progress, It’s a little akin to rubbing sandpaper over your skin, very uncomfortable.  As I have moved along my journey, I have learned that I can help others through this period in their lives  as they too struggle through their cathartic moments.

Transformation sounds so glam and smooth however it’s a little different in practice, only because we resist.

It’s about leaving the comfort zone, the familiar, albeit uncomfortable. In my experience most of us are fearful of change, It is the unknown right, It’s a scary place for some, other than the adrenaline junkies of course.  There have been many times when I have held my breath and tried to grab the old back and re-submerge it into the new.  All that resulted in was more disaster.

What is it about change that are we afraid of?  This is my take on it.  I can control what I know and manage it, treading the water until it is second nature then I don’t even notice it.  So when change is looming…. whoa slam on anchors.  I resist, fight or head for the hills.

So, the awakening is about learning to surrender into knowing that I am not doing this alone, I never have.  I have struggled on my own instead of owning and accepting my choices.  I have learned that by reaching out to one another when we need support is the magical moment.   We are a global community.   There is a loving supportive team out there, seen and unseen just ask for help.  Your spiritual connections will support you first and foremost and bring you the resources you require to get through this. The mind plays those what if scenario tricks on us.

Source/God/Universe from which we are birthed, the Ascended Masters that who came before us, the Archangels, our Ancestors and the benevolent souls who are willing to assist us are all around.  It is only us who are here experiencing this physical human body and its challenges and resistances to learn more about ourselves.    Be clear about your intention and ask.  It is truly that simple.  Letting go of the controls.  Accepting the reality for what it is now, allows the transformation to occur as we observe it calmly.

Like the chrysalis process, providing protection and space for the transformation into a beautiful free butterfly, we too have support.  Let’s learn to trust like the pupa who transforms in the butterfly flapping her wings to freedom without a doubt.

We hold the key to our own freedom.

With Much Love and gratitude until next time