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Hi there  😊  wow this has been a week of events that have led me to feel like I am in the eye of the storm.  Not the warrior woman that I will fight my way through this.  More like the wizard in the eye of a storm patiently waiting it out to glean the wisdom and move on.  Reconciling.

A word we are very familiar with politically, yet at the grass roots we think that happens outside of ourselves.

Today I would like to challenge that .  I have realized through my own struggles to reconcile with those around me that is begins with me, myself and I.   I have observed deep within myself that resilience is a main ingredient for reconciliation in my life.  Oddly I would have thought my focus would land on forgiveness, or the need to change things and yes they are part of it for me resilience was the key factor.

I am sure you will agree that there is so much pain, anguish, frustration, and apathy around, yet some are able to live in the realm of possibility and opportunity and seize them both?

How do they do that?  What I am talking about is way deeper right at the core of it – emotions and choices..

Here’s a real lived sense in my view I believe sums it up

  • Some of us feel the need to go back to what was
  • Some of us understand there isn’t and will never be what was, so now what?
  • Some live in the past
  • Some live in the future
  • Some believe this is the end
  • Some believe there is only one way
  • Some believe this is the new beginning
  • Some don’t give a fig and live
  • Make up your own version!!!!!!!!!

That perhaps translates into us holding on to the parts of us that keep up hostage in the thinking brain and thereby allowing conflict to form the basis of our future long-term, the familiar?   Is your future blooming in front you?

In delving deeper I began to understand that I have the task of introspection in the process of reconciliation as there are aspects within myself that I’m not comfortable with, that keep me awake at night.!

Ask yourself the question.

  • Am I both the Captor and the Captive?
  • What am I manifesting for myself in my world!!
  • Am I able to reconcile my thoughts and be resilient enough to get up, dust myself off and lead from my heart?
  • Do I have the resilience? The resilience to weather the storm calmly like the Wizard?
  • What is next, how much more do I need to take, accept, and on and on the list goes?
  • Should I or shouldn’t I let this go? !!

There are so many of my own actions that I’m not so proud of.  Those memories that pop up in the middle of the night in those dark hours when the replay button strikes.

  • Is it only me who feels this way?
  • what if I had done something differently what would be the result ?
  • what if I could get a do over?
  • what if I could voice it to AB or C,  I’m so sorry,  that was the last thing I actually intended was to cause you pain!

Would you agree with me with that there is another way? Yes …enter resilience

Opportunities appear as gifts constantly,  daily,  allow yourself a moment in the eye of the storm to observe them, be the resilient one, start by reconciling your own inner conflict primarily and the rest organically follows and  manifests for you as the habit grows.  Smile at yourself in the mirror as a daily practise and share your beautiful smile with others.

In the eye of the storm let go and be it works for me ………

Much Love and gratitude until next time