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Hello again from my inner sanctuary.  This week I have been very blessed with loads of information and contributions from those around me who have contributed to the content of this blog today.

It got me thinking.

In our South African culture, we have a tradition referred to as a “Bring and Braai (Barbecue).  We all get invited by the hosts to their home or venue and we are requested to either contribute for ourselves or towards the offering for the whole table.  (Meat, Salads, Refreshments, Snacks etc.)

We all contribute to our societies, communities and globally.  We spend currency, pay taxes, interest on loans and more, we barter, negotiate, an exchange,  all for the greater benefit, that is the system we know and are part of.  Some of us benefit more than others, yet we do participate in the model in some way.

We as individuals contribute to the lives of others in the world.  So my curiosity drove me to delve further.   What is my unique currency? What do i bring to the party that is over an above the request,  that special attribute that is unique to me?

Let’s take a teacher for example.   They educate their students using content that is supplied to them, by the system  or they have been the author of the material.  This is ideally so it can be duplicated to build the system.  However, who remembers that teacher/person who really made a difference in your life positively or negatively, the one who sticks like a wedge in your memory?   I do.  They contributed to my life in a way that was at times far more valuable than the content they were sharing.  It was almost as though they shared from their own souls or life experiences.  Whether it be a tough life lesson for me,  or a gentle smile on a rough day letting me know I was not alone.

So hence what do I bring to the party?  I am sharing the road my curiosity took me on.  Remember I am a born under Sagittarius Sign and Ascendant and my Moon is in Gemini, I am born to explore,  here goes.

  • Find a place of reflection that feels like your sanctuary.
  • Make a list of ways you contribute that are obvious, eg., in the workplace. Your immediate family and friend circles, colleagues etc.
  • Is it specific to gender perhaps?
  • Loosen the judgement,  be open minded.
  • It is not about money!!!! It is way beyond that.
  • What is my intention versus my reality? (This was a biggie for me, I had to dig deep to understand that although my intention is pure it could be coming across as hostile at times – that arrow…..).
  • There is zero judgement in this process, so be loving and kind to yourself through the process.
  • Confusion is a platform only – observe and question with curiosity into the feedback from others, ask the questions,  to gain clarity!!!
  • What are my reflections on the feedback of others regarding my dialogue, behaviour, mannerisms?
  • If I had a magic wand how would I like to show up and contribute to others?
  • Is this something I give myself permission to do freely?
  • Do I give this to myself? If not, how can I give to others?
  • I am the starting point before the flow can happen externally. Also a tough realisation for me!
  • This surely changes as we move through our journey?  So therefore an open invitation to use this reflection regularly – as a reminder to self.

I sincerely trust the above self-reflection suggestions give you some food for thought for your own exploration and internal magical discovery.  Smile and enjoy the process.

My conclusion so far is that my  contribution is sharing the healing I have received to touch the lives of others with love and compassion and understanding as I  facilitate their healing.   I bring the opportunity by holding space for others,  centering compassion as my currency.

Until we meet again.

Much love and gratitude.