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Hello again from a humid and rainy coastal day.    I must say this week flew by and yet it has simultaneously felt as though there was, and is,  a huge pause around me specifically.  I am sensing that there are more than a few of us feeling very drained of energy and resources having to deal with more than normal,  personally and globally.  I have felt quite depleted physically this week and then somehow today that has shifted.

Most of my work is client based and this week has been more around cancellations, personal disappointments on the one hand and on the other planning in the head and collaborating with others on a project we plan to roll out.  The emotional cocktail has been excitement, frustration, depletion, anger and I guess a little fear, fear of the unknown as yet again I sail into unchartered waters for me at least,  full steam ahead.

I DO love unchartered waters, seriously I mean that, its exciting and thrilling and fearful all at once, exhilarating in fact.  I am feeling like the expression is not really conveying the huge, huge feeling I have in my heart of expansion and gratitude at yet again an opportunity to stretch and reach out to others from a grounded space. Yet nothing has materialised as yet,  we are in the planning stages remember.  Planning is not grounding for me,  doing is.  Enter the critic in me, she always seems to lurk there in the background somewhere doesn’t she, she has been there as long as I can remember, what if it does not work, what if you fail, blah blah…..!!!!

I listen to music when I plan events and rollouts and when the critic arrives.  Music always frees me to express myself either way and this is my interpretation of the lyrics of a playlist I am listening to today.  Today, a loving gratitude playlist not a head banging get the anger out one.

“Is it time to relax now I am with you my sweet, sweet child….” My interpretation is that I have a dream and I am feeling separate and misunderstood.  Allowing me the freedom to know that I can relax as I am never alone.   All the versions of me, my adult, critic,  inner child (children) and source are all one without separation.  It’s about being open to opportunity from a place of safety,  having my eyes open to see and my breath to flow freely.  It was truly beautiful and inspirational for me to ground through the music today.

Are you too embarking on some element of change or a project of your own?  Are you facing a situation that seems beyond your control to have much or any effect on the outcome? Are you facing resistance?

This little list helps me.

Primarily it’s not always the tried and tested way that works each and every time.  It is sailing into unchartered waters as I said above.

  • What inspires your creative juices today, this could be different to yesterday? What do you personally require getting the ideas to surface and bear fruit? Is it music, movement, dancing, singing, painting, finding the expert, sleep, meditation, is it drawing the plan?
  • What allows you the freedom to relax and connect with all the parts of you to be the resource for you now? Is being in solitude or connecting and exchanging ideas, your mojo?
  • What do you need today, right now in this moment? A break perhaps?
  • How comfortable are you to express how you may be feeling right in this moment? Even to yourself!
  • Are you open to sharing the struggle with those parts of you that would rather scream the limitations, asking them what they need?
  • Journal if it feels safer going through this.
  • Find that trusted person, YOUR person as a sounding board and support.
  • When we work in community with others we have a further reach, energy flows where that focus goes.
  • Notice if your choice of words differ, little subtle changes are at times overlooked when there is a shift in energy.
  • Subtle changes are the gifts for us to be aware of the internal flow or resistance.
  • Keep yourself on track with those gentle loving reminders.
  • Value your own contribution to the global mix, we all have a unique role to play on this earth, allow yourself to play yours lovingly.

I feel deeply connected this week in sharing.   Thank you for reading thus far.

I am so looking forward to rolling out further with my planning.

Here is the tool that allowed the flow in my thoughts today.

Until we meet again.

Much love and gratitude,