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Not quite a drive-thru combo  – let’s look a little deeper


Being quiet enough to process thoughts and feelings about an occurrence in your life


Doing something special or enjoyable,  out of the ordinary,  for you…..

The festive season/holidays/year end cab be a celebration for some and reflection for others, memories of times gone and making new memories.

I have always preferred this period as one of self reflection.  A time in the year where I remove myself from mainstream society and go within.  Its more than meditation,  is it a time where I am mindful of where I find myself and how on earth I got here.   This is a practise that I use continually at any time of the year I thought it would be useful to share when we all have a little more space to reflect, like NOW

  • Is this a storm or a harvest?
  • What are the emotions lurking in the corners?
  • What are the triggers that open the door for those emotions to erupt and explode and destroy all in sight?
  • I take stock. What state do I find myself in ?
  • Am I in a state of anxiety, exhaustion, anger, frustration, irritation?. ( Naming the emotions works for me. Writing the reflections from the exercise I have found to be helpful)
  • What am I “angry” about specifically and how is that impacting my life ?” (substitute for the various emotions you may be feeling.

I sit with that and feel it rather than suppress it, acknowledging and accepting that that may be the way I feel removes the “fire” out of it.

Then it is just an emotion that has no power over me or anyone else.  It’s merely a judgement call!

The same is true about the emotions that I  resonate with that feed my  soul.  Peace, calm, happiness, and the list goes on….

Upon reflection using the same questions for these emotions, you will begin to notice a pattern of the aspects of your life and activities that bring you joy and those that distract you from it.

The decision is yours to release what can be released safely  and celebrate the joys, or  hold on tightly and let the reflection  spiral you down into something that holds you captive.

The ultimate reflection for me is always I have a choice in how I show up in my world and how each choice I make impacts on my life and those around me.

Ultimately all we want as human is to be able to celebrate and share with others that unique light that burns so brightly within us, when we let it and allows us to live in harmony with others irrespective of where they may be in their process.  Remembering that we are social by design.

Let’s celebrate the simple things like love and joy in our hearts, sing, laugh, dance, smile, connect with others let them know they deserve to the celebrated too.

The Celebration is the ultimate purpose of this exercise for me, changing my reality.

Enjoy the reflection and the celebration

Much love