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Greetings to all. I have been fortunate to stay away from mainstream media and pick up the pieces “Stompies” (as we say in South Africa) to get a picture of what we are being exposed to in terms of information.   I am also acutely aware that there are empaths out there who may be feeling very drained, helpless and trapped, as we all are aware of the victims in these interactions.  What’s next? Feeling powerless to rise and be the Knight and take action in their own lives, perhaps.

We are experiencing huge waves of change.  Men and boys who fear that they may have to take up arms to protect their families,  woman and girls providing for the basic needs of their families, or vice versa.  Living in fear and being held captive by others as well as their own reality of fear.

Whether we are amid a battle or on the outskirts, the internal struggle is one we are all familiar with, as real as can be.

Sadly, this story has played out through many lifetimes repeatedly throughout history.  Greed, power over others dominance are words that come to mind,  all of which raise the fear which spreads like wildfire.   You know the story well.   It is not always a battle between others that has a direct impact on our lives,  its closer to home than we realise. That internal struggle of should or shouldn’t I, can or can’t I.  Let’s look at changing the narrative to what if?   How would that look opening up those neural pathways instead, like a deviation from the main arterial, it always has a surprise in store, some hidden gem.

We have countless examples of men, women and children over the eons of time,  people who managed to raise themselves up from the depths of despair by letting go of the resistance and victimhood, focussing only on what was of value to them internally, trusting themselves unconditionally,  even when they stumbled, they kept the flame burning from within and followed it.  This has a positive impact on all, it gives all the opportunity to reflect and possibly release the resistance to the change as well.

The experience of trauma of mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual abuse, whether personally or vicariously, creates the reality of the identity of being a victim. Victimhood is only one stage in the recovery process. The stages aren’t linear. I am often reminded,  along my own journey,  that progress is often one step forward two steps back. I see those stages as survival tactics that reach beyond being the victim to surviving and ultimately thriving as  I release the layers.

This again being subjective,  is what the stages feel like to me, perhaps you can relate to some.

I have, for a very large period of my life identified as a victim.  I acted like a victim, when the time was appropriate, or as my fears rose to the fore. After many falls, rises and scars,  I eventually understood that rising as a Knight did not mean I necessarily needed any armour or battle skills and fling things at others.  I had really survived, by no small feat it seems now, looking back today.  More like a beautiful gift was handed to me at the very moment I surrendered to being connected to my spiritual source, my higher self, my God (fill in your own meaning here) and what that journey has in store for me.  To release the “BS” that societal norms place on me a woman, a girl, an adult, a child,  a daughter.   It finally became a time for me to learn to love and love unconditionally.  That meant that I had to surrender my own victimhood, my cloak of protection. Scary stuff at times. I had help both divinely and some special people who appeared on my path, and still do.  I feel a little anxiety creeping into my chest as I write this, constricting my throat even after all this time.  The power of Fear is always one I have a healthy respect for as it had kept me alive for years.  The antidote is LOVE  – SELF LOVE.

Am I thriving is the question? I certainly feel that in the is so in the depth of the smile that is reflected on my face right now in this instance.  I am exactly where I am destined  to be, and I embrace that fact.  The people who are with me along the way are blessings to remind me of who I am, they always challenge and support me to take the next step whichever way it is.

No tips today.  I leave you with the question  – what drives you mostly Fear or Love?  It’s your choice to decide who wins the battle within.

Much love to those kindred souls out there who struggle, survive and those who thrive.  Let’s meet along the way in our various stages with love and true compassion and awe in what we are indeed capable of.

From my heart to yours.

As always with gratitude.