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Sober at the Christmas Table

Sober at the Christmas Table

Hey there, friends.

As I sit down to share my thoughts on navigating the festive season while staying true to my sobriety, it feels like I’m opening up a chapter of my heart. I hope that my journey might resonate with some of you who, like me, are on the winding road of recovery.  Its been 6 years on 31 Dec.

The festive season used to be a tangled mess of pain, sadness, and a blurry struggle for me. I faced the challenge of untangling the threads of celebration from the webs of my past. It wasn’t just about saying no to substances; it was about saying yes to a new way of being.

One thing that’s become crystal clear in my sober journey is the importance of creating new traditions. It’s not about avoiding the festive cheer; it’s about redefining what that cheer means to me. So, I’ve started new traditions—ones that revolve around genuine connections, gratitude, and self-care. Trust me; there’s joy to be found beyond the bottle.

Social settings can be like a battleground for someone on the recovery journey. But I’ve learned that authenticity is my armour. I no longer pretend to be someone I’m not. If you’re with me, you’ll know I’m in recovery, and that’s okay. The real connections formed in those moments are the ones worth keeping.

Triggers still come, they always will, unexpectedly and sometimes like a massive tidal wave. But now, I’m equipped with something I didn’t have before inner strength and the ability to actually ask for help.  Sobriety is not a journey most of us can do on our own. I’ve found solace in journaling, in the quiet moments of mindfulness, and in reaching out to friends who understand without judgment and trying to fix anything. Every trigger is an opportunity to write another chapter in my strength story.  Every day I understand it is my choice to be sober.

As the festive lights start to twinkle, I’ve come to appreciate that sobriety doesn’t mean missing out on abundance. It’s about seeing richness beyond materialism, finding gratitude in the simplest moments, and cherishing the connections that are built on authenticity.

This festive season, I invite you to join me in celebrating sobriety—the most precious gift I’ve given myself. It’s not always an easy journey, but it’s one filled with authentic joy, genuine connections, and the kind of magic that can only come from the heart. To those on a similar path, know that you’re not alone.  Share your choice with others.

My heart is filled with gratitude for the choice I made to release the hold Alcohol and pills had on me all those years ago.  Waking up each morning with a sober mind and a clear conscience is the reward.

If you’re on a journey of recovery too or have a story to share, let’s connect. Comment below with your thoughts, experiences, or any words of encouragement. Our collective stories can be a beacon for those who need it most. Together, let’s spread hope and support. 🌟💛

You never know the difference it makes until it does!

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Much love from heart to yours



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