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My List

My List

Let’s me start off by saying that this content has been milling around in my head for many month’s and some of it probably even longer.  I have always shared my thoughts freely with my loved ones and those who have asked me.  For the  Astrologers out there I am a novice and a student .  I am born under the sun sign of Sagittarius in my first house which is about self identity with a Sagittarius Ascendant as a double stamp if you will,  and Saturn in Capricorn in my second house – some hard lessons there in the financial sector.

Why even share this , well it relates to the questions I have been asked in the past as  I will share my truth easily however the delivery has needed some work.   I will add that  before I understood the art of diplomacy and trust me it has been a difficult task for me,  the truth shared has often pushed people away from me.  I have lead a life of more inner dialogue than outer dialogue, although I do make sure I use my 10 000 words, 😊 as my gender so so  identifies with the need to do.

Over the last two days there has been a need to draw up lists again.  For the ladies reading this article, you may identify that we all make lists.  We do it  alone, with our girlfriends, we write them down we list them on our fingers, on our hands, serviettes at the bar, restaurant menus, back of cigarette boxes in the old days, laptops,  phones, drawing pictures, sometimes the details, names elude us,  but lists we make.  It’s a way of anchoring a memory I guess albeit painful at times.  It probably relates to the need to share.  For the males among us the need for lists may be a little more action driven like to do’s.

I am about to move into the last stretch of this life, as surreal as it feels, it is very real and I got to thinking that I did not reach this stage and age in my life without a little help along the way.  How best could I honour those who have had such an impact on creating the opportunities for shifts, changes, delirious moments, priceless memories, success as well as  seemingly endless uncomfortable periods in my life, which collectively have brought me to this very moment.

It took me many years of diving into addictions of all kinds, escaping the obvious reality of the results I had and still have,  are as a direct consequence of the choices I made,  not the actions of others.

I have drawn up my list of those I am eternally grateful to for showing up in my life as supporting my growth during my life time to this point, some of these people are still here with me.

I have used first names only and codes for names I have forgotten as we often recall the memory and not the name.   I encourage you to make a list of your own write it down before the memories drift off to a time where they seem like they are too far away to recall and let the gratitude flow.

My conclusion at this juncture in my life is that my thoughts flow into my emotions into my behaviour which feed directly into the results I achieve.   This has been not only my learning as a result of conscious studies I have embarked upon,  but  also as deep subconscious understanding and inner knowing  that I make the choices in my life regarding my emotions and my actions.  This is a truth I share in the work I do as we all have this responsibility of not only making the choices in every moment but owning them too..

I encourage you during your quiet time to make a list to thank those who have been part of your story on both sides of the coin and share the energy with the world, acknowledge those who are still in your life and thank those silently who are not.

I dedicate this  post with love and deep gratitude to all the wonderful people that I share my journey with, which now includes YOU today.