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Parallel Realities

Parallel Realities


Hello, again beautiful souls.

It is with a light heart and a gentle smile that I sit here typing this blog, knowing that possibly a few of you may wonder after reading it if I have lost the plot completely.

A blog for me is an expression of myself and in this case that I am sharing with you.  Allowing my vulnerability to be real and tangible for myself too in this moment.

Have you ever felt , considered, or even dreamed that you are existing in more than one “place”/reality?  As babies, we are born into this physical reality and then we get to adorn a cloak based on our parent’s or caregiver’s version of what it is to be a Human Being in the reality that we are born into. It’s a lifelong struggle to work to develop our truth of that reality before we leave this body.  Working through the maze to get to live our purpose is why we are here in my opinion.  We are provided with lots of assistance along the way when we observe a little more and do a little less.

Perhaps you wore the cloak of one or all of the main Archetypes ( Caroline Myss).  ( a Child, a Survivor, a Victim, or a Prostitute)

I know I missed the child part in my life,  I never got to play, and I believe one of my lessons here is to have fun.  I bought into the victim hook line and sinker until I released her to become the survivor.  The prostitute, on the other hand, is an interesting Architype as it suggests trading sexual pleasure or manipulation for pleasure, however, if we allow our minds to think of the broader sense of the word, it is a manipulation of events for our own gain. I am definitely aware of this reality in my actions over my lifetime.

Selling our souls for food, money, recognition, “love”, a roof over our heads – fill in the blanks as per your experience.  I will say that these archetypes are not gendered specific, so it applies to us all.  What are you selling your soul for?  Ironically, we often do this to survive.

We can meditate, take psychedelics, go on pilgrimages or journeys and tick off the list to experience other realities,  which all add so much value and provide the space for release and clarity,  and therein we become more aware of what our reality really is.   There are lots of studies on this subject, research is at our fingertips.

We don’t all have those opportunities or share those beliefs though, yet we too could feel or be uncomfortable that our reality  is not what we signed up for, isn’t it? Consider that statement for a moment!  Really is that true?  Who created your reality, assuming you are not a minor reading this?  My rudest awakening was when I realized with huge shock years ago, that I am creating the struggle, the mess, the pain by resisting what is.  What are you resisting?  Could there be another reality for you? And could it be living with a more open awareness of what is, not the meaning we give it?  Does this mean you need to let something go perhaps?

What if those other realities are actually here, right now in our conscious space, but we are not ready yet to acknowledge them yet?  Could you consider looking at the state your life is in for a moment, without judgment, and see what else you can see or what you become aware of, like an observer, not a participant?  What more can you expand your conscious awareness into seeing as possibilities for yourself?  There really are no limits.  We put the limits there.

Allow yourself to dream the dream into reality without the aspect of time attached.  It is all in divine/organic/energetic timing,  not our linear controlled version of time.  An example of this would be when we force the outcome of something, according to an expectation of ours and somehow feel deeply dissatisfied afterward deep down, even if outwardly we express a different view.

In conclusion, the message is that there are lots of realities in our daily lives, it’s the path you choose to focus on that becomes the deepest, what if you could walk alongside yourself and observe the steps along the way, how cool would that be?  Don’t knock it, it really does work in my world and those I am priviledged to interact with.  The reality changes as you observe it and as you let go of the control.  It is somehow always perfect.  We learn.  We are blessed and supported even when we forget to ask.

Much love and light from my heart to yours along the journey.

Have fun!




Hello there.  Wherever you may be in the world today the sun is shining somewhere. We are getting to the end of Winter here in the Southern Hemisphere and I am so aware that this was a winter of extremes for me, and I would imagine I am not alone.  My connections in the Northern hemisphere have been having their extremes too.

It’s amazing how as human beings we most often focus on the things we are experiencing in extremes, for example, It’s too cold, too hot, too much, too little, too difficult, too bitter, too close, too scary, too busy …and so on.

I have become very more aware of what I am focussing on of late. I was feeling drained and exhausted and burned out.  I made a deal with myself to take myself off to a space where there was nothing to focus on except nature and self-care to understand how I got here and how much that contributed to the responses I was receiving from others and then release what no longer served me and more and re-negotiate a new way for me to be.  How I would show up each moment?   In a way, it is an organic process.  It’s playing out daily as new learning for me to be patient with myself and those around me to allow for the creation of  harmony.  Some days it is easier than others, honestly.

I am the first to admit that changing focus requires some self-negotiation and that is what I was struggling with.  I now understand that it is not so much about doing but acknowledging what is, without fear, resignation, and/or expectation.  You may be like me in that  your profession or friendship circles you assist others through their process of change and therefore you may too may have received the reflection from others that perfection seems like a state that eludes us continually, a goal never reached!

I am here today to share with you that I believe now that perfection is in every moment we receive in this physical life. A perfect blessing.   Every little special nugget of information, realization, epiphany, feedback, intervention, or interaction all add to the perfection of knowing that I am in the place I am meant to be.  It is the ability to observe the discomfort or comfort with gratitude as they both bring huge insights.  When our physical body alerts us to pain there is a reason, a warning, our emotions and thoughts are no different.  Something is brewing and it is advisable to lift the lid to observe to see what you’re working with.

This is my way of looking at things – you are welcome to add your comments to what works for you.  Someone out there may need to read your experience in their low moment to remind them that they are not alone.

This is what I do in my low moments, after pacing and distracting myself often that is 😊.

I ask myself a few questions.

What is the root cause of my unsettled feeling?  I don’t know is possibly my standard response, what if I did know I wonder what it could be……?

I then take this into a journalling space, a meditation, a walk, a yoga class, or something similar to make the space for stillness allowing the answers to arise to the fore for me.  I sometimes will reach for a friend, a heart circle or professional to chat it through.

This does not always work though, does it?  Here comes another word that often appears in my self-reflection and self-feedback and that is Acceptance.  Just typing that loaded word triggers some emotion for me.

Acceptance is more about letting go of the need to control the situation and less about complacency or becoming a victim.  I accept and take responsibility for how I got here and how I feel about it, now what is there that I can change right now to make my life simpler and more aligned to my purpose?

Do I wish to continue as it is?


What do I feel I could change now, short term, long term?  Do I want to change?

My attitude towards the circumstance could be blocking me and what am I not seeing while I have been staring at the problem?

More often than not herein lie the nuggets, those deep gratitude moments for me.

What do I believe about myself in this situation and how does that serve me now, it possibly served me at another time, but now? Can I release that belief now?  There is the gift from my heart to yours.

Until next time there are some things for us all to ponder.

You are welcome to reach out if you need support in your process.

Much Love