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Wow! What a week it seemed fraught with change, challenge, disruption, emotional, abuse and simultaneously eerily calm.  I was aware of that Full Moon on the 16th.  I have also been aware of death and injuries, across the board, human, animal and plant kingdom.  In fact, I have been surrounded by it and not directly affected.

This is always a point of reflection for me. Death and being OK with it.

The life cycle is evident in our ancestry and yet we as humans often struggle with the reality of “death”.  We are born into this physical body and come to know and learn that this physical body will cease to exist at some point and we will only be a memory.   It is a fear I am exposed to often through clients.    I was exposed to the reality and impact of death and departure from as far back as I can remember, we were surrounded by early death and suicide in my bloodline, something I have attempted before too.  So you could say that I was born into accepting death as part of reality from the beginning.

Most conversations I had this week were around death, grieving and tiredness on all levels. I was aware that no-one mentioned exhaustion tough.  I too felt that my sleep balance was in the RED.

It seemed like a week for the truths to surface and at times this is a little difficult to handle for most of us. Which in itself is like a death.  So this is when those habits come out  – over indulging, acting out, disconnecting, controlling and the list goes on.

As charged as I felt last week, this week I have been mildly curious as to the level of calmness and sense of purpose I have felt in the center of all of this.

That has been the key point for my observation that I am able to remain calm and almost resolute as things have played out and changed around me rapidly and how I have been driven,  from within,  to make changes on the fly and watch it all fall into place.  Sounds a little like I was disconnected.  Oddly not, it is the most connected I have felt in a long time, connected to myself and my purpose.  It almost felt like for the first time in my life that I was OK with being what is.  Not wanting to fix or rescue or roll over either.  Just being.

I share these as a point of reflection for us all

I found that this mix worked for me :-

  • to notice what I am feeling in the moment in the ugliness and mess – pain, anger, tiredness, sadness, frustration, to observe the feeling and not act on it – just feel it and sit with it with curiosity (akin to meditation I let myself remember to be present all the time, here and now)
  • we are all in our process and interfering hinders the others process
  • me offering help is different to interfering and taking over, the other person has a choice then
  • often choice is what causes the confusion therefore my response to the other’s reaction to my offer is what creates the conflict or the ease, it’s not personal
  • if acting out an emotion that arose from a Fight, Flight, Freeze response felt uncomfortable to talk about, then to gently observe what the reaction was about before communicating with others – we all struggle with emotions and old recurring patterns that pop up and we act out or feel them deeply and most often its from a place of survival, protection
  • forgiveness in the moment to sets us all free (I was reminded of this process by a loving colleague) ***** see below
  • making the choice that works for me, not necessarily according to my list, or what society or my surroundings dictate
  • to reshuffle it all and somehow it all fits in and works out for the greater good
  • in being less rigid I got more things done and it worked for all – releasing the control
  • space to breathe – a simple break away from a task, pausing for the time to reflect rather than rush through everything and wonder when last I had that sip of water.

This gave me the opportunity to serve my own soul and not interfere with another’s path. We aim to live in harmony with our Source, Creator, Higher Self, our Soul, spread the harmony around us from there.  It seems effortless rather than pushing for something or allowing our agenda to be that of our neighbours.

Living in harmony with ourselves and our planet is my deepest calling.

Here is a practice that comes into my life regularly and I wanted to share it with you.  I urge you to find a spiritual practice that resonates for you.

In a nutshell, ho’oponopono is a process by which we can forgive others to whom we are connected. Practicing Ho’oponopono allows you to cut the aka – (subconscious)  connection in a very positive, loving way, knowing that you can make the connection brand new. When you become right with others, you become right with yourself.

Here is the “mantra or prayer” – connect to yourself with breath and repeat a few times – this is said out aloud or to yourself in a group collectively  – to the planet and all who live on it.

I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you

That’s it for now folks

With much love