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This week has been one of personal reflection, deep sorrow and many lifestyle changes. I have allowed myself some creative thinking and sitting with those uncomfortable truths that I am holding onto stuff that is literally holding me in a space of exhaustion and anxiety it seems.  Stuff from way back too, honestly, I thought I had moved on and let it go!

I was listening to a podcast this week about letting go and I thought that is it, it’s the art of letting go right before our very eyes.  We have the example of nature moving through the seasons.  What happens when the leaves fall from a tree?  The tree let’s go freely without having to know when the next leaf may appear beautiful and green,  as it always comes with new growth spurts as the seasons change. This before, during, blooming and  letting go cycle continues for the  lifetime of the tree. Its like a  rinse and repeat.

It is right before our eyes in the examples nature give us.  The sun really does come up tomorrow even when at times ww are not able to see its brightness clearly or feel its warmth.  This occurs day after day from the beginning of time.  We human folk often doubt in the possibility,  and, dread the probabilities of what that day may bring.   A re-run of all the horrific moments of the past rolled into one.  We worry,  toss and turn at night.  Lean into those unhealthy sugars or substances to make us feel better, like a pacifier.   This does not make logical sense to me that we need to hold onto that narrative anymore. THE SUN REALLY DOES SHINE AGAIN EVERY MORNING!   That’s the way it has been for me here on the planet atleast.  Let’s celebrate the breaking of the dawn with that deep emotion of gratitude.  The ability to receive and be thankful.

I encourage us all to take a leaf out of the tree’s book of lessons.   That old ancient wisdom nature shares with us. This was long before we were in the physical body we inhabit today.  The seasons will change with grace even through the difficult times  and embrace the uniqueness of what each season may bring,  time and time again,  with gratitude.  Learning to let go and allowing for recovery from the periods of drought,  as the rain does come again even if it is after 7 years.

Let’s use this time before the new moon to shed all the residue leaves that we are holding onto,  those leaves that are non-serving, window dressing, for the view, or hiding from  the view.

What is it you carry with you daily, rethinking into each moment and recreating it as part of your reality?  That is my reality check today – am duplicating the pattern ?  It’s time to let go.

We really do repeat our thought patterns until they are unconsciously hard wired.  Have you ever noticed how eventually it becomes second nature to be about your trauma, instead of shedding and allowing the season of healing to flow in gracefully?  Remember there is always a season to prepare, one to blossom, one to bear fruit and one to shed and so the cycle continues. Let’s use that to our advantage and let the process work for us naturally, as we allow for healing.

I have found that mediation with intention is a great tool.

Allowing myself the freedom to manifest that intention I feel so strongly about.

Releasing, receiving,  healing from deep within my heart with compassion and genlteness.

Allowing for my positive emotions to flow freely so that the neurons have an opportunity to fire and re-wire.

Making choices that lean towards letting go instead of repeating the same old pattern.

I have found writing and speaking my truths out loud allow me to identify what to release.

I like to find processes to nurture my body from within and without.   A form of physical movement,  a balanced diet, a balance of  intellectual stimulation and learning AND  having FUN doing it all.

Have the pity party and cry for 1.  Bring in gratitude and laugh and celebrate with the world around you.

Much love

Marléne Nunes