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Hey there friends,

I wanted to share something with you today that I’ve come to understand about myself and how I make decisions. As we all know, life can be full of choices, and knowing which path to take can be challenging. But I’ve realized that our intuition is our best guide and that gut feeling or inner voice tells us what feels right and doesn’t.

Now, I know that sometimes our intuition can be hard to hear. We might be surrounded by noise or be so focused on what we think we should do that we miss the signals our intuition sends us. But that’s why it’s so important to stop and listen when things don’t resonate. We should find a space to understand the feeling, not change it.

And here’s the thing, our perspective on things can change over time. What felt right yesterday may not feel right today. And that’s okay. It’s important to be respectful of how our decisions might affect others, but at the end of the day, being true to ourselves is the most important thing.

So, if you’re ever in a situation where you’re unsure of what to do, take a step back, take a deep breath, and tap into your intuition. See what it tells you, and remember, it’s okay to change your mind and grow as a person. Trust yourself. Trust your gut.  It is easier than you may think.

Until we meet again. From my heart to yours.

Much love.  Marléne