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This week I have really been chewing on the various definitions of the concept of integrating.  I use the word regularly so it intrigued me to look a little further.  Here is one definition that seemed the closest to what I want to discuss this week

To make into a whole by bringing all parts together; to unify.

This form of integration has played out for me many times in various manners along my journey throughout my lifetime. However, this week specifically the universe was broadcasting from the rooftops that it is time to integrate with others on a different level than ever before.  A deeper more collaborative way than before as a species.  This message felt like it was not only for me, hence the sharing.

Let’s consider a  simple example, a pizza/pie of your choice, each slice consists of a combination of all the ingredients.   Each slice has the potential to look and taste unique though.  One slice could be a different size, have some added ingredient, be  charred by the fire, have a thicker base and/or be a different temperature.   The pizza/pie could be smaller or larger or even a different shape, with a hint of your favourites mixed with tastes that feel foreign and displeasing on their own, however the combination is intriguing and inviting   curiosity.   Each pizza/pie is unique and when we prepare it, we have the choice to include or exclude as we go along, depending on what suits the occasion.   What suits you now and what feels good to share with others, without causing any disharmony all round, nourishing all, even those with particular palates?  My slice could be smaller or bigger than yours as that is all that I can manage right now, or perhaps I will skip this one and re-integrate for the next batch?

Then it would stand to reason that in the integration of all the parts with the aim of being unified, also has the potential to be quite spectacular and different each time, not so?

In come the players of the show now, who do you feel you want to share your slices with?   Who is that perfect fit for you?  The ingredients could be similar only arranged differently, mixed up and integrated into something unique and different as well as adding great value to all.  This could be from any aspects of life business, relationships, towns, homes, schools, friends.

Its always very clear to me when things are not working to find a solution, this is deeply ingrained in me, the hard truth is that often I have failed and others have added their ingredients to provide the solutions for them and me. I am so grateful for that special ingredient they have added and generally we all benefit from the integration.

I have made a point to be open to interactions from others and discuss those possibilities with the intention of manifesting a different offering to the world.  A collective vision.   I do feel that without integrating and sharing the slices I would be isolating myself again, determined to find my own single solution.

Now is the time for me to allow for the integrating and forming bonds with those who share that intention no matter what the pie may look or taste like each time is a unique opportunity to co-create a special offer on the menu.

Here are some ways I have found for useful

  • Journaling and expressing my intention as many times as I can, as it changes organically.
  • Finding the courage to get myself to share that with others in spaces I feel safe to or feel guided to as well as places that feel like a major stretch for me.
  • Understanding that I will come across beautiful special people who may feel differently and that is all about the parts integrating into a whole ultimately.
  • Visualising that pizza/pie always and ever changing in size and shape to allow for all the different parts to join or leave at free will.
  • Each part contributes and is integral to the whole each time
  • Some parts could appear identical however with more curiosity and attention and added ingredients they appear to transform into something completely different
  • Menu’s change all the time. The availability of ingredients differ regularly.
  • Repeat the process with new understanding and wisdom from the insight gained.
  • Share your wisdom with others.
  • We learn from our peers continually.
  • The acceptance that perhaps those old ways no longer work for me.

We are not islands are we?  Let us  open the door to the world around us and integrate in a profoundly new way that nourishes us all from deep within.  There are always enough slices to share.

I see and respect your unique ingredient adding to the unified whole.

Much love

From my heart to yours.