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From my heart to yours

Today, I feel compelled to reach out to you from the depths of my heart, sharing my personal experiences and sending you abundant love in the life you live. Life, as we know it, is a beautiful yet fragile journey, and in the face of mortality, I often find myself contemplating its meaning.

Sometimes, life’s harsh realities come crashing down on us when we receive news of a loved one’s passing—whether through illness, tragedy, or simply the natural course of time. Each time such information reaches my ears, I can’t help but notice the myriad of reactions that unfold within me and those around me. It fascinates me how we all process and cope with death differently, shaped by our unique perspectives and emotions.

Since a young age, death has been a companion in my life, making its presence known and impacting families profoundly. This has granted me a somewhat detached yet empathetic perspective on the subject. The mysteries that lie beyond the last breath of our human bodies remain elusive, and various theories abound depending on our personal beliefs. However, I do not intend to engage in debates or prove any point about what lies beyond. Instead, I’m intrigued by the reactions that surface within us and those around us when faced with the loss of someone dear—an acquaintance, a colleague, a public figure, or an artist.

As strange as it may sound, I’ve always been fascinated with these reactions. I silently observe and contemplate without sharing my thoughts openly. In my line of work, I have witnessed countless cases where the death of a loved one has had a significant impact on my clients’ lives. It has further reinforced my curiosity about the subject.

Why do we shy away from discussing death? Birth and death are inherent aspects of the human experience; they bookend our existence. It is what transpires between those two defining moments that genuinely matters. Indeed, you can relate to conversations where people ponder what they want or cannot do when they die, often based on personal or societal norms. Of course, estate planning has become a common practice to safeguard our loved ones once we pass. But, I ask you, what if we redirected our focus to living and finding happiness in the present moment? What if we made choices rooted in love, embracing the fullness of our experiences here on Earth?

Nevertheless, the shadow of death looms ever-present, accompanied by fear and the unknown. Can we release the need to control others and surrender to the natural flow of life? Can we let ourselves and those around us be precisely as we are without imposing our will upon them? Eventually, we will all reach the end of this physical journey. Let us strive to reach that destination harmoniously, with our souls nourished and fulfilled.

Today, I extend my heartfelt wishes to all those grieving. Allow yourselves to feel whatever emotions arise within you without seeking to numb or suppress them. Let the waves of grief work through you, knowing that in time, you will find solace and the strength to embrace life once more. Carry the memories of your loved ones deep within your heart, for they shall forever be a part of your journey.

With immense love and a profound appreciation for the gift of life,

Much Love