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Hello there once again.  It’s been more than a month since I last wrote anything.  It’s been a month of growth, turbulence, flooding, and excessive heat, cold and now the Winter Solstice is upon us in the Southern Hemisphere.

Perhaps you too have been feeling the shift in energy all around of late.  It is almost as though people are back in the swing of things and the world goes on.  Yet there is still so much mayhem and disparity amongst people that I am often saddened more by the drive for people to continue business as usual.  The underlying stressors and fear that lurk deep within humanity are still there.  In my humble opinion unless we address those emotions we are traveling along a slippery slope.

In my own experience in my own life, family history, my studies, and my work, the realization that unresolved emotion is our worst enemy is primary for me.  That leads me to believe that I at times am my own worst enemy! Perhaps this is true for you too.

That is quite something to say out aloud.  Phew.

How do I change that for myself?

It is far easier to focus on others and their behaviours.  I have been feeling of late that there is almost some kind of karmic release for me.  I am watching old patterns in myself and others rearing their heads. So today is the perfect pivotal point for me at the  event of the winter solstice to release those patterns.  The solstice-to-solstice journey has been very significant for me this year, almost like an ending. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I share my birthday date with the summer solstice.  Either way I am ready to shed the old skin and allow the new energised me to emerge.

How?  That is not so much the question for me !  The willingness to accept me for who I have become is the vital point for me recently.  The” allowing” of me to be the being that I have suppressed up to now out of fear of what would happen if I freed myself to be me wholly.  There is no collateral damage is there when we live a life that is more deeply rooted in our own spiritual growth, truth or purpose?  Our inner knowing really kicks in at this point.  That is my belief atleast.

Let’s stop kidding ourselves about these ego points we develop about who we are.  We are part of one source.  Yes, that has two sides,  the wonderful me and the shadow me!  For years I have deluded myself that the shadow is something that is apart from me, the dark side, the moody horrible B… that emerges.  Well, I know now that she is a part of me and she too needs love and nurturing so that we can merge and integrate into a more loving and kind soul for myself.  This in turn allows me to  serve those around me with more love rather than with obligation or need.

  • I encourage You,  reading this blog to consider  aknowledging and loving your shadow side too, include that part, warts and all as you integrate more into a whole being, knowing that those are all parts of the beautiful being that you are now!  Acceptance is the Key.

Much Love

From my heart to yours.