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Hello there to all of you.  I have been experiencing a week of non-days, today in particular.  I am unsure if that is even a word, non-day, however that is how I feel.  I am so accustomed to achieving things daily to feel fulfilled.  In having something to show for the day so that when I lay my head down at the end of the day I achieved something tangible. I would imagine that you have an idea of what I mean.  I have noticed though that this sense of achievement always has something to do with an external activity or affecting another party.

I am aware that the movements of planets have effects on all of us, and that there is something shifting in me and those around me, as though we were evolving.  Evolving into the next phase of our lives, not relating to a milestone in age or a developmental stage but more into a phase of clarifying what action needs to be taken, if any at all.  A more internally direct approach.

There is my struggle, the non-action, the non-days.  I would be lying if I said that it is easy to sit  and reflect on how I feel about the “no-thingness” of these days and the feelings I am experiencing.  I have understood though that I need this time to reflect and grow into what is coming for me.  I feel this to be true for many of us.  Especially those with a multitude of questions and choices.

Let’s look at the realities globally things are different, tougher perhaps for the majority. I am becoming more and more aware in the conversations I am having with people from all walks of life that the need for internal introspection to bring about that change internally and globally is both necessary and extremely uncomfortable at times.

It’s down to the rockface now so to speak.  What is your truth?  That is the golden nugget.  Is your truth the “crappy circumstances” that rise to the surface like an avalanche when you are already feeling low?  Let’s consider that there another way to look at it?

Firstly avoidance is a tactic and a action which will bring more of the same in my experience. It takes more energy than facing the dilemma.  Consider acknowledging the reality to yourself as it is right now, tomorrow is always different even though the circumstances are the same.  Our outlook can change.

For me personally it’s a time of great reflection however it seems like I have the answers and seem to lack the method and the belief in myself .  So that brings the word trust into the equation again.    I am aware of what I say to others and how I say it, I have taken to interrupting myself in mid-sentence and have gently noticed that in others too.

However, the sugar coating of our realities is in my opinion the very reason that I now need to reflect on the reality.  Can I sit with that which I know cognitively appears to be a huge mountain I need to climb?  Can I sit and talk to the fear inside that gets panicky when I don’t have a solution?  Is it ok to not have a plan or external satisfaction?

I feel unsure about how or what to do it I do not understand the purpose.  Yet I have gone down so many paths before that I was unsure about and found gems along the way, I am sure that you have too.

It feels like the time to act is now to move forward with what I want and what I see, hear, feel, or believe to be true for me.  That I am exactly where I am meant to be and so are you.  We have that amazing opportunity to go-within and make the changes at the rockface from the heart and live in loving kindness and I believe the rest will flow.  It always does.  Trust in yourself you’ve got this!

Much love

From my heart to yours.